Sprachreisen Fuerteventura

Scholarship - combine the useful with the pleasant

In cooperation with "Academia Kunz" we offer you educational vacations, educational trips and Spanish language courses. Together with Alina Kunz we organize the ideal language course for you, parallel to your surf lessons with us.

Scholarships are an interesting possibility especially for employees.

What is educational travel actually?

Since 1976 there is the "Bildungsurlaubsgesetz" in Germany, which serves the purpose of professional training. Even if you don't need Spanish directly in your job, you have the right to further your education in order to have better qualifications through language skills and also to become more valuable on the job market. The best place to learn a foreign language is where it happens to be spoken.

A local language course is a convincing reason for the employer to give you time off. By the way, self-employed people and trainees can also claim educational vacation. There are various subsidies for this.

The duration of the event varies depending on the federal state. Usually 5 to 10 working days are released for the educational training, where the participants learn intensively every day. The cost of educational leave is shared by the employer and the employee. They continue to receive a salary during the educational event, but must pay for the course costs as well as accommodation and travel themselves.

For the self-employed, on the other hand, the situation is somewhat different. You can have the costs credited against tax and apply for an educational grant from the state.
Educational leave at "Academia KUNZ" is more than just a language course. The program includes daily exposure to the language and culture of the Canary Islands, interacting with the locals, exploring the island and gaining emotional experiences. Wild landscape, delicious food, rich culture and open mentality of the inhabitants make the learning process authentic and effective.