In the very North of Fuertventura is the home of the city Corralejo – with its distinctive surfing charm, the precious view towards Lanzarote und the close island of Lobos, the former fishing village now shines as a vibrant city with many offerings, which need to be discovered.

Alongside the main road of Corralejo you will honestly find everything which a surfer´s/vacationist´s heart loves and wants to buy. From cozy cafés, tasty ice corners and various souvenir shops, everything is there for you. Even the bigger and well-known fashion labels are located in this area. Of course, you can also find grocery stores to buy power foods and drinks for your next surfing class. It is also worth to have a view at the many little streets alongside the main road. There is always something new to discover.

Corralejo finds the charming balance of ambience, relaxation and a high-quality night life flair: Similar to Lajares, Corralejo also forms a central meeting spot for locals and surf tourists during day and night time! The charm of Corralejo will quickly get you and you will soon feel home. It is the special mixture, which makes Corralejo a unique experience.

You live at our “Beachhouse“ in the center of Corralejo, which offers you all different options for your free-time. However, our stylish and very spacious “Beachhouse” is located sufficiently far away from the city center and promises enough relaxation time and space for you.

The sandy beach “Waikiki Beach“ is located in front of your door. Its direct connections to the old town of Corralejo invite you to relaxed walks during day or night time. The old town has many local bars and tasty restaurants with the extraordinary live musicians and a magical atmosphere, which can only make you want to stay. While drinking cold Canary beer and/or tasty wine, time will just pass by.

Only 3 minutes by feet and you will arrive at the well-known surf spot “Rocky Point”. The locals call the spot in a lovely manner: “Punta Elena” – called after an older lady having lived close to the spot. Our courses also take place at this reef spot. Of course, if you still have enough power after our surf classes, you can go on your own surfing hunt and test your surfing skills on your own!