Surfkurse auf Fuerteventura

Learning how to surf, for beginners or advanced surfers, is a constant and time intensive process.

We love to give you the time and take our time to take care of you! A maximum number of 4 students per instructor, this is an optimal surf class for us and for you. Our surf class system offers goal-oriented effectivity while learning how to surf: You get our full and necessary attention in or out of the water!

The Surf Institute surf school Fuerteventura does not put the daily teaching contents into a limited teaching phase per day. We create perfect conditions for your, where it does not matter if you are a beginner or advanced surfer.


We have plenty of time for you – every single participant can feel the calmness. This forms an ultimate basis for our beginner classes. These classes are designed according to your dynamic and your daily constitution. 

Surfkurse für Anfänger


Our advanced and intermediate surf class is individual, flexible and aligned to your personal needs. Your surf coach brings you to different spots every day to aim for a highly-effective class for advanced surfers.

Surfkurs für Fortgeschrittene


During our guided tours and surf trainings, we bring you to well-chosen spots according to your level and daily constitution. Together we work on safe tricks, your surf skills and your style.

Surfguiding Fuerteventura
Surfkurse auf Fuerteventura