Surfguiding Fuerteventura

GUIDED SURF TOUR & SURF TRAINING: We plan the best time fro your surfing.

Surfing the best waves in Europe? Without making any plans? The Surf Institute surf school Fuerteventura plans and organizes your entire surfing holidays – your personalized guided surfing tour.

Are your feeling well-experienced, are you already an advanced surfer and would you like to book a surfing holiday with an exclusive guided tour?

Leave your daily life behind! During our guided tour and the surf coaching, we bring you to well-chosen spots according to your level and your daily condition. We offer you safety to surf beach breaks or a clearly defined reef wave and to improve your tricks, skills and surfing style.

Surfguiding Fuerteventura

The North of Fuerteventura offers you 37 surf spots, which are waiting to be discovered and surfed by you. For our guided tours, we always try to catch the perfect wave for you depending on your level and ALL natural circumstances.

We offer surfboards in various forms and sizes, which you can try or we try for you. For our guided surf tours we have always something nice to offer from our board collection: renowned brands or handshaped boards from local shapers. While proceeding your booking and planning your surf trip, you can just let us know about your requested board.

Our surf school plans your perfect guided tour and also your perfect holiday with you (insurance, arrival, transfers, Sidesteps, tours, accommodations, nights out and excursions).

Have you fallen in love with your own customized surfboard and are in need of 1-2 tips and support!? We from the Surf Institute surf school are happy to give you advice in advance.

Are you planning on letting your board being shaped before arriving here and immediately testing it after arriving on Fuerteventura? We share our experience of 15 years with you and support you wherever we can. Here, in the north of Fuerteventura, there are several surfboard manufactures and shapers: in consultation with you and the chosen shaper, we debate your new MAGICAL BOARD for an exclusive guided tour.

What we want to make clear with all of this: we will not kick you out at a random surf spot, cash 60 € and leave for a coffee! Maybe you are laughing, but we have heard  stories like this before. 

We would recommend going to your local swimming pool and do some lanes before your surf trip!