Fortgeschrittenen Surfkurs

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You are familiar with all the points we listed in the Beginner Surf Course and ready for your Intermediate Surf Course? Here are some points in keywords that you should experience in our Intermediate Surf Course or be able to do for an Intermediate Surf Course:

Fortgeschrittenen Surfkurs
  • Use of a hardboard and its handling, optionally also modern softboard

  • material science

  • surfing green waves / riding frontside and backside

  • correct take-off to the different wave shapes (steep and flat waves)

  • sound paddling techniques and prevention of shoulder problems (impingement etc.)

  • bottom turn

  • starting at an angle into the waves before/during the take-off

  • Active change of foot position/change of stance while surfing

  • spot reading: Approaches and understanding

  • surfing on the reef: correct falling / correct entry and exit / understanding channels (channels)

  • right of way rules

Fortgeschrittenen Surfkurs
Surf Institute Surfschule

You want to make the step from beginner to intermediate surfer? Then you will find here more details about the Intermediate Surf Course

Intermediate Surfkurs
Surf Institute Surfschule

The skills listed by us are no problem for you - then have a look at our Advanced Level

Intermediate Surf Course
Surf Institute Surfschule