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Appreciation becomes value creation - For us, everyone is part of our success
"Our growers reap what they sow: Everyone is part of our success."

We started from zero with our surf school years ago and built everything brick by brick with love and patience. So when you visit us you will quickly notice that we place a lot of priority on valuing people, objects, experiences and time. Motivation and humanity are important components in our team.

Every member of our team has a solid and reasonable professional education. This also includes training as a lifeguard and surf instructor. Training, study and long practice are the requirements for fundamental expertise with us. These standards are self-evident for us and actually not worth mentioning.

Therefore, we would rather tell you a little bit about us personally, about us as
people and as a common team. We are multilingual and offer our surf courses in
German, English and Spanish. It is very important to us that the untouchable
"surfer lifestyle" in the surf scene is prevented and not further embodied. For us
it's all about the individual and his authenticity, honesty is the first commandment
and you should also be allowed to be honest at any time! Our main team is often
supported by "rookies" and many good souls, whom we unfortunately cannot
always include on our website. However, every single one of them is a part of our
success. And even as a guest you are a part of the Surf Institute team, because
"True Love is Crew Love". 

But now we want to tell you a little bit about us.

Surf Institute Surfschule
Surf Institute Dave
Surf Institute Surfschule
Surf Institute Tommy
Surf Institute Surfschule
Surf Institute Vanessa
Surf Institute Surfschule
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