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Skateboarden Lajares

About Carl Fölster

For many years Carl Fölster has been rolling around the word as professional long boarder, he develops new high-tech boards and establishes successful training concepts, which he applies during his longboarding master classes.

You will improve with big steps in a very playful manner! 

Learn how to do longboarding with Carl Fölster

The longboarding master class is well-known for its excellent training methods with an enormous learning success and takes place on Fuerteventura. The longboarding classes on the sunny Canary island are suitable for kids starting from the age of 5 to adults and also for any level.

All beginners and also the saver riders learn all important basics for casual cruising, strong pushing and a secure braking, carving techniques and the first simple tricks on a longboard – although some of you will think this seems impossible. The advanced class aims to bring your skating skills to the next level. During a class, you will learn how to slide with your longboards, how to jump and which powers are needed to do those longboard-dancing-moves.

Due to Carl’s keen eyes and precise tips, you will learn everything with your longboard that you have always been longing for! During the longboarding master class, only exclusive boards and protective equipment will be used to guarantee a maximum success and a lot of fun. Who picks up less than expected during these classes, does not have to pay – this is our promise to you. Find more information about the longboarding master classes here.

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