Beginner Surfcourse Fuerteventura

Surfing for beginners

We have plenty of time for you – every single participant can feel the calmness. This forms an ultimate basis for our beginner classes.

The ocean and us as human beings, we both hold a rhythm – the ocean is determined by its tides and we are determined through our life. Most of the surf schools (especially within beginner classes) teach according to a fixed time schedule to satisfy the mass – we are independent of times and are only on the way with small groups. Small groups in beginner classes imply a service policy of 4:1. We plan the timing of the surf class according to your needs and surfing level.

An example: Beginner surf classes are usually scheduled during low tide, because teaching in the shallow water is secure and efficient. Since the tide shift about 45 minutes every day, a professional beginner surf lesson has to adapted to the tide. When you as a beginner already have any previous knowledge (also as beginner), of course, we start from where you ended the last time. We take care of you in an individual and natural way.

Beginner Surf Classes without Accomondation

If you do not want to stay in one of our accommodations, we also offer your surf classes only. Ask for the prices via email.

Our first priority is that you feel comfortable and enjoy your holiday
from start to finish - we take care of everything else!

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