Private Surfcoaching

Private Surf Classes for Beginner and Intermediate Surfer

We divide our offers into two different categories. Here you have to pay special attention to the difference between a "regular" private surf course and a surf coaching. This depends on your surfing skills and needs.

For you as a surf beginner we offer a private surf course outside the regular group. If you are an advanced surfer, we can offer you a 1 : 1 coaching. We should discuss in advance exactly what your goals are and what you would like to learn.


Your private Beginner Surf course

The reasons why guests of our surf school decide for a private surf course are different.

~ Fear of the water or already negative experiences ~
~ slight shyness of groups or their dynamics ~
~ more attention and an exclusive personal coach ~
~ with physical or mental limitations ~
~ families with children to achieve the greatest possible learning success ~
~ treat yourself to a private surf course as a special treat ~

Whatever your reasons for choosing a private surf course, we definitely have a great offer for you. Of course, you will also get full attention in our "regular" surf lessons, as we generally always keep the groups small.

You are an intermediate surfer and want to improve yourself
through private surf coaching

After a few years of noticeable learning progress in surfing, your surfing development starts to falter. The "flow" is gone and you hardly feel like you are really improving. You have mastered all the basics like angled take-offs, speed generation and solid top and buttom turns. At the end of your holiday, however, you are "only" back at the same surfing level as the year before - the same thing happens again on the next holiday. You're not quite sure which adjustments you need to make in order to finally have a real "aha" experience again. For many surfers, their skills stagnate after a certain point and they simply don't get any further, despite their efforts. Here, too, we would like to give a few examples of why surfers look for intensive coaching:


  • Improve techniques and learn new manoeuvres
  • To feel more confident in bigger waves
  • Get to know new spots and be able to surf them
  • Improve their skills faster and more efficiently
  • Get closer to your own limits and feel more confident with a surf coach
  • Use good surf equipment and have different surfboards for different conditions right on the spot

Often you don't change your own patterns and habits yourself and therefore need an outsider to "help" you. In our private surf courses, the surf coach either accompanies you the whole time in the water or takes pictures together with our photographer, depending on the session. Afterwards, the pictures are analysed and evaluated. Of course, it is important to capture the unconscious patterns and mistakes. Goals and intentions are discussed with each participant personally before the course begins.

In private surf courses for children, an extra surf instructor looks after the kids only. The maximum supervision is 3:1 and the prices vary. Prices can be requested by e-mail. The minimum age should be around 6 years, depending on the size of the child. Lessons can be arranged very individually depending on availability, even outside our regular opening hours. The most important thing when booking your private surf course is trust, honesty and agreement.

Individuality and specific learning goals in your private coaching are the key to success. Your surfing level will improve after just a few sessions. Private surf lessons only make sense if they are planned together and honestly. The result is a realistic goal that you will reach after your private surf lessons.

Prices for private surf lessons in Fuerteventura are as follows:
1 day 1 person 150 euros
1 day 2 persons 250 Euro
1 day 3 persons 300 Euro

Private surf lessons for groups

You can also book a private surf course as a group. For groups of 4 or more, we are happy to provide you with your own surf coach. Our private course includes:

  • Complete surf equipment

  • Shuttle to and from the course

  • Photo analysis and discussion of avoidable mistakes

  • Technique and style refinement

  • Detailed preliminary discussion about wishes, goals, etc.

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