Familiensurfkurs Fuerteventura

Surf lessons for families
You are a family and want to learn how to surf during your holiday?

Learning how to surf with the whole family is much easier than many of you might think. Detailed plans, a matching accommodation and of course time management are the key players – complemented by a perfect and sensitive supervision.

Are you surfing parents, who are just looking for someone who takes care of the children on the beach?

Are „being a parent“, "toddler group" or "kindergarten" the dominant topics in your daily life? We will get you out of this daily business through well-organized activities here on Fuerteventura, which offer you times for new insights. Strengthen the family bond by a vacation away from the usual – a true adventure trip!

Does the cliché surfer´s life-style keeps you away? We agree with you and offer you a “different” way of learning how to surf. Our family-friendly accommodations, such as the family surf camp close to the lagoons of Cotillo and the quiet country house in Lajares are ready for you. Both accommodations on Fuerteventura are suitable for one, more or lager familes.

We support you in planning your family surf class on Fuerteventura – we start with the car rental and a suitable children´s car seat up to offering you a beach shell. Everything is organized before you arrive and with a minimal effort for you.

Surf lessons for families
Surf lessons for families
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