Expert Surf Coaching

Expert Surf Level Coaching

~ Off the Wall ~

Not to be mistaken with private coaching! (Private coaching is available for all levels).

If you already have a very good surfing level, skills can stagnate for a long time. Some surfers have stayed at their level through automated routines and patterns, only slowly improving. Your incentive with Expert Surf Level Coaching should be to improve your procedures and consolidate your strengths even further. An Expert Surf Level Coaching is definitely worthwhile only from a certain surf level.

You surf alone, can independently read spots and waves and rely 100% on your skills? You only need a coach who explains you how to improve your personal surf deficits or how to develop your strengths? Furthermore, you only want to get into the water when the waves match your level? Then you are right here.

This is how you can roughly imagine the process of a surf coaching:

  • Dealing with localism
  • Improve maneuvers
  • Photo / Video analysis
  • improve movements / change style
  • maximum participants for coaching on one instructor 1:3
  • Breathing while surfing
  • analyze techniques
  • safety in big waves (headhigh up)
  • find physical deficits and discuss a training plan
  • Mindset
  • Set and explore new limits under supervision

In our Expert Surf Level Coaching the instructor is mostly on land and takes pictures of you. Before and after surfing we will discuss an efficient strategy for you. In case of insecurities or new spots, your instructor will of course join you in the water. When you feel more confident, the program continues. The best thing about Expert Surf Level Coaching is that you can always take a few hours on top. Even after years of experience.

Expert Surf Coaching
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