Intermediate Surfcourse

Our Intermediate and Advanced Surfcourses

During our intermediate and advanced surf courses you can try out all sizes and shapes of hardboards in the water. Or do you want to test a special hardboard or don't want to carry your own surf equipment? No problem - we have various hardboards from 5.8 - 9.3 feet "in stock".

In the surf course we improve and train your manoeuvres and your power on the board - in addition, we hone your style and your performance. In our surf training we separate beginners, intermediate surfers and advanced surfers.

We run our advanced surf courses for both intermediate and advanced surfers individually, flexibly and in a way that makes sense for you. For this, we like to head for 2 to 3 different surf spots every day in order to achieve the greatest possible effectiveness for already advanced surfers. The Canary Island of Fuerteventura has many beaches, reefs, winds and tides - all these factors in combination and rhythm produce perfect waves. To get the best out of it for you, we are at the right place at the right time with bite and dedication.

In addition, we show you how to interpret different surf spots and recognise their dangers in our Intermedite Surf Course and Advanced Surf Course. We decide together whether the surf course will ultimately take you to a "reef spot" or to a "beach break". During the surf training, we show you how to use the reefs and their point breaks effectively and thus optimise your surfing skills immediately. Whether you are an intermediate or advanced surfer, we will find the perfect wave for you at the appropriate tide.

Some of our tips and techniques can support your here, such as our photo analysis. Nevertheless, you have to test your personal limits while having a surf coach aside, who offers you security and trust in the water.

Surf Institute Surfschule

You are not sure whether you meet the Intermediate surf level or rather the Advanced surf level? With one click we have listed the corresponding levels for you

Intermediate Advanced Surfcourse
Intermediate Advanced Surfcourse
Surf Institute Surfschule