Anfänger Surfkurs
Anfänger Surfkurs

How long am I a surf beginner and should I enroll in the beginner surf course?

These are the contents of the beginner surf course:

  • safe maneuvering and handling of the surfboards in white water
  • Safety first: safety and protection of your own body /
  • Protection for other surfers and swimmers in the water / correct falling
  • material science, handling: surfboards / leash / fins /
  • different board sizes
  • Diving techniques: correct timing / correct handles (turtle roll, push up, lay down)
  • Techniques of the take-off (stand-up movements can deviate
    and be adjusted individually)
  • Techniques of the take-off (correct rotation, body posture, hand position and grips) /
    Both feet land flat on the board and you have
    enough rotation.
  • Individual, active flexibility / understanding the movements of surfing
  • mindset: how do I approach / what can I practice on my own / where are my limits
  • Paddling techniques / movement of paddlin
  • Safe turning while sitting on the board / technical sitting down and
    laying down on the board without using the elbows
  • Riding techniques: accelerating and making small turns in white water
    (transition to intermediate surf)
  • Trying first green waves and failing ;)
Anfänger Surfkurs
Anfänger Surfkurs
Surf Institute Surfschule

You want to know more about our beginner surf course?
You can find a more detailed description here.

Anfänger Surfkurs
Surf Institute Surfschule

You can stand up on the board and ride in the foam? The handling of your board, turning, sitting, lying down and carrying works? Then go here to the intermediate surf course.

Beginner Surf Course
Surf Institute Surfschule