Advanced Surfkurs

Our advanced surf courses are all about, fine tuning and optimizing your style.

Advanced surf courses are only taught in small groups and separated. As a rule, a maximum of 4 participants to one instructor. You have already done some surf lessons and you are confident in the techniques of the intermediate surf course? Then you are ready for an Advanced Surf Course, which includes the following:

Advanced Surfkurs
  • Breathing while surfing

  • Safe surfing and reading green waves (left, right)

  • Top to bottom surfing

  • surfing different wave forms, surfing the pocket of the wave and perceive

  • top turns / cut backs / ride curves tighter

  • testing different hardboards / board finding

  • Duckdive diving technique

  • body position: surfing with rotation and overview

  • read forecast

Together with us you can try out different hardboards during the Advanced Surf Course. This includes different styles like single, twinfins, mid lenghts etc.

If you are thinking about buying your first own board, we will be happy to help you find the perfect board and order it from a local shaper we trust.

Surf Institute Surfschule

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Advanced Surf course
Surf Institute Surfschule

You have played through the Advanced Level -
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Advanced Surf Course
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